The beginning of this spring was a milestone in the history of the PRIMÁTOR brewery in Náchod. After many years, the market will see a completely new, original beer bottle with a changed label design.

People at the brewery have been talking a long time about the need for a new bottle. The beer’s top quality has long been confirmed at prestige tasting competitions at home and abroad, we are pioneers of specialty beers at home, and this called for a special look.

“We don’t want our exclusive products to be offered in shabby old bottles, and their look on store shelves blended in with ordinary products. Our wish was to for the consumer to enjoy the feeling of buying something special,” brewer Petr Kaluža said about the new bottle.

The bottle has artistic reliefs and was developed through long-term collaboration with Czech glassmakers. Its shape and decorative design reflect the uniqueness of beers from Náchod. This is represented by the PRIMÁTOR logo, with its distinct letter P, a silhouette of the castle, reflecting hundreds of years of brewing in Náchod, and the hop cones as an attribute of the traditional craft of beer brewing.

The bottle’s uniqueness is underscored by a new label with a colour-coded zones distinguishing each of the 15 beers we make. The simply designed motifs on the labels and the characteristic drawings separate the beers into three groups. There are still other distinct graphic elements — a stylized seal of the city of Náchod, and the word CRAFT to reflect loyalty to traditional methods. The label’s quality can especially be seen in its special, heavier weight stock, reminiscent of handmade paper.

“Oh, and what’s most important — in every new bottle, the customer will find that good old unforgettable PRIMÁTOR beer,” brewmaster Kaluža sums up.