Tank beer is a growing trend in countries with a lively beer culture. Pub owners try to offer their customers something new all the time, and offer draught beer of the greatest possible quality. Beer from tankers makes this possible. It retains its original flavour and aroma, just as when it left the brewery. Because the beer is always stored at a low temperature in the restaurant (the tanks and all the beer hoses are cooled) and does not come into contact with compressed gas, the pub can offer the customer his favourite golden drink just as the brewer made it.

The quality of a beer is greatly affected by the bartender’s work. There’s an old saying that the brewer brews the beer but the pub owner makes it. This has been true for ages, and a lot of the success depends on the pub owner. It is therefore very important that every beer hose be kept clean, is regularly sanitized and rinsed with water every day. And we can’t forget about clean, carefully washed glasses and the use of high-quality detergents.

The fresher the beer is, the better it is. It is therefore appropriate to devote the tank to the beer most likely to be tapped. And PRIMÁTOR 11 definitely has this potential — it’s the Náchod brewery’s best-selling beer. Ideally, the tank should be drunk up in a few days, and fresh beer can go from the brewery to the tank pub every day.

Where can you quench your thirst with PRIMÁTOR beer from a tank?

>> Restaurace u Kalendů – Praha – Rašínovo nábřeží 383/58. 128 00 Praha 2 – Nové Město

>> Liquid Bread restaurant – Brno – Purkyňova 3049/35g, 612 00 Brno-Královo Pole

>> Formanka – Česká Skalice – Husovo nám. 19, 552 03 Česká Skalice

>> Na Rychtě – Nové Město nad Metují – Komenského 34, 549 01 Nové Město nad Metují